Short & Long Term Rentals

Whether you have 1 or 100 properties, 6 reasons why Edgestate will save you Time, Money & Hassle. 

1. Self Check-in

Now guests can arrive 24/7 and best of all you don't have to employ someone to meet them and handover keys. 

2. Better Security

No more 'lost' keys, locked out guests and auto locking means your properties are more secure keeping your insurance company happy. 

3. Automations

Automatically send guests access credentials from Edgestate or your PMS or channel manager.

4. Centralised Management of Property Access

Manage all of your properties, doors and users from anywhere.

5. Access Notifications and History

Always know who's coming and going with email and notifications and searchable history.

6. Scales with Your Business

EdgeState software is designed to scale with your needs, whether you are managing a small business or a large enterprise.

Make everyone's life easier.


Management Companies

Automate vacation rental access by integrating with Airbnb, Guesty, beds24 and more.


Estate Agents

Manage your rental properties and allow for self guided tours. Add short-term rentals to your business model while making access management easier than ever.


Building Owners & Landlords

Manage mixed-use, multi-family properties without your short-term guests creating problems for long-term tenants.