Each Member's Smartphone is their Key.

RemoteLock Mobile Key Reader

Allow your customers to use their smartphone’s bluetooth to access your facility and stop your members from sharing access with friends. Never fuss with issuing and reissuing keycards, keychains and fobs. Find out how RemoteLock’s Mobile Key Readers can change how you manage member access.

  • Touch Access: Members enter your facility with ease using Passive Intent™ technology. Either present the phone as a card or leave the phone in your pocket and simply tap the reader with a finger to access the door.

  • Enhanced Security: Unlike traditional RFID prox cards, PKI-based MobileKey credentials are unique for each user and cannot be copied. 

  • Real Savings: Don’t waste time and money issuing and replacing physical access cards. Each Mobile Key Reader can manage unlimited credentials.


Remotelock provide connected access solutions to all kinds of commercial businesses, here are a few examples.


Coworking spaces have complex and unique security and access needs. As an organization whose business is providing access to a space, there's really nothing more important to have a handle on. 

  • Automatically control door access through the software you use to manage membership

  • Control who has access to what areas of the space, and when

  • Monitor usage and access through all entry points — garage doors, gates, roof entrances, elevators, glass doors, and more

Managing Access to Your Coworking Space

Access Management for Universities and Colleges

Having to account for the activity of students, faculty, staff, and visitors on university and college campuses presents unique challenges. RemoteLock's access control software makes it possible to:

  • Manage access for constantly fluctuating schedules

  • Administer access on an individual or group basis

  • Have complete, real-time visibility into access activity

  • Secure individual doorways, whole buildings, or an entire campus from a single dashboard 


Complete Access Control for Retail Stores

Take complete control of your retail store's access from RemoteLock's easy-to-use, centralized software. 

  • Get rid of the risk and hassle of physical keys.

  • Secure your high theft merchandise and storage.

  • Monitor access to server closets and cash rooms.

  • Manage employee and vendor access, from anywhere.


Provide each supplier with unique access credentials, so you can track deliveries and hold vendors accountable for timely deliveries, without having an employee on site. Set up notifications for when vendors or service staff arrive and depart. 

Unlock access management for restaurants big and small.

Whether you manage one location or a chain of restaurants, cloud-based access is vital to growing your business, improving security and providing a great customer experience.

  • Stop using physical keys and rekeying locks.

  • Provide time restricted, self-expiring access for deliveries.

  • Prevent misuse and vandalism of restrooms.

  • Control and audit access to offices and storerooms.


In addition we have provided connected access solutions to self storage companies,

swimming pools, funeral parlours, house boats, mobile phone mast sites and many more.