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Most door buzzer entry/access systems are 'dumb' in that they are standalone and not connected to the internet or they require an on-site server. 

Remotelock ACS is cloud based and is managed online via Edgestate.

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Understanding Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems (ACS) provide complete access control for any door.

Each system is comprised of a combination of control panels, keypads, readers, locks and credentials which can be customized to a property’s specific needs.

A typical ACS allows a user to present their access credentials to a reader. That reader is connected to a highly reliable control panel which connects to the cloud to authenticate the user’s credentials. Access is granted to authenticated users in an instant and can monitored and managed from the cloud.


These systems are incredibly reliable and can serve heavily trafficked areas, as well as the most private or sensitive rooms on a property.

Why use cloud based access control?

Syncs with OpenEdge Wi-Fi locks

Durability for high traffic common doors


Needed for narrow style glass, elevators and gates


High number of users and schedules


Real time control and lock down

What makes up an Access Control System?

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Control Panel

A control panel serves as the backbone of your ACS system and is directly connected to power and internet via a cable from the router. Each control panel can be expanded or connected to larger systems as your business grows.

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Find the right lock for each entry point. Choose from wired electric strike and magnetic locks. Connect a wide variety of wireless locks to the same software platform and manage them all from one place.

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Readers & Keypads

These devices serve as an access point. Choose from a variety of readers and keypads which can support mobile access, key codes,keycards or multi-format access.

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Provide your users access with personal PINs, format cards or tags which can be formatted to be LockState and HID compatible. Alternatively, allow your users to use their phones to provide mobile access using a Bluetooth reader.

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Each Member's Smartphone is their Key.

RemoteLock Mobile Key Reader

Allow your customers to use their smartphone’s bluetooth to access your facility and stop your members from sharing access with friends. Never fuss with issuing and reissuing keycards, keychains and fobs. Find out how RemoteLock’s Mobile Key Readers can change how you manage member access.

  • Touch Access: Members enter your facility with ease using Passive Intent™ technology. Either present the phone as a card or leave the phone in your pocket and simply tap the reader with a finger to access the door.

  • Enhanced Security: Unlike traditional RFID prox cards, PKI-based MobileKey credentials are unique for each user and cannot be copied. 

  • Real Savings: Don’t waste time and money issuing and replacing physical access cards. Each Mobile Key Reader can manage unlimited credentials.


This video explains how the ACS works.